Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greetings from Kawai

Is this really me?  What happened to my hair?  Uncle Dave put a Chumash hut on my head (from La Purisima State Park)
I'm starting this blog to record events about myself.  Right now I'm in 4th grade at Pacheco Elementary School.  My teachers are Maestra Vega and Mrs. Fassiotto, who are really great.  A lot of my friends are in my class.  My school teaches everything in 2 languages: English and Spanish.  My favorite part about school is Spanish.  A mi me gusta la Espanol.

One of the main activities I do is dance hula.  I take classes on Mondays in Los Osos.  We have some shows where we dance along with my dad's band, called Na Hoa Aloha.  Also I get to dance when my dad has gigs at places like Back Door Deli, Red Dirt Coffee House, and Miss Lola's Southside Grill.  I really like hula because it is telling a story with your hands.  I like the carry on the traditions of my Hawaiian ancestors.  I am also trying to learn Hawaiian.

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  1. Awesome job Kawai! I am sure that you will have all it takes to accomplish all that you want too!